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All preprints - 2018

Title and author(s)Published in
  2018-115 Dynamic multiferroicity of a ferroelectric quantum critical point
K. Dunnett, J. -X. Zhu, N. A. Spaldin, V. Juricic, A. V. Balatsky
  2018-114 Strain-engineered interaction of quantum polar and superconducting phases
Chloe Herrera, Jonah Cerbin, Kirsty Dunnett, Alexander V. Balatsky, Ilya Sochnikov
  2018-113 Properties of the signal mode in the polariton optical parametric oscillator regime
K. Dunnett, A. Ferrier, A. Zamora, G. Dagvadorj, and M. H. Szymańska
Phys. Rev. B 98, 165307
  2018-112 Fermi-LAT improved Pass~8 event selection
Bruel, P.; Burnett, T. H.; Digel, S. W.; Johannesson, G.; Omodei, N.; Wood, M.
  2018-111 Possible detection of gamma rays from Epsilon Eridani
Riley, Alexander H.; Strigari, Louis E.; Porter, Troy A.; Blandford, Roger D.; Murgia, Simona; Kerr, Matthew; Jóhannesson, Guðlaugur
  2018-110 Galactic PeVatrons and helping to find them: Effects of galactic absorption on the observed spectra of very high energy γ -ray sources
Porter, T. A.; Rowell, G. P.; Jóhannesson, G.; Moskalenko, I. V.
Physical Review D, Volume 98, Issue 4, id.041302
  2018-109 Scale transformations in metric-affine geometry
Damianos Iosifidis, Tomi Koivisto
  2018-108 VERITAS and Fermi-LAT observations of new HAWC sources
Veritas Collaboration, Fermi-LAT collaboration including Johannesson, G., and HAWC collaboration.
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 866, Issue 1, article id. 24, 18 pp. (2018)
  2018-107 The Search for Spatial Extension in High-latitude Sources Detected by the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including Johannesson, G.
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Volume 237, Issue 2, article id. 32, 36 pp. (2018)
  2018-106 Investigating the Nature of Late-time High-energy GRB Emission through Joint Fermi/Swift Observations
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including Johannesson, G.
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 863, Issue 2, article id. 138, 16 pp. (2018)
  2018-105 Multimessenger observations of a flaring blazar coincident with high-energy neutrino IceCube-170922A
IceCube collaboration, Fermi-LAT collaboration, Magic collaboration, Agile Team, HAWC collaboration, H.E.S.S. collaboration, Integral Team, Kanata, Kiso and Subaru Observing Teams, Swift/NuSTAR Team, VERITAS Collaboration, VLA/B Team, including Johannesson, G.
Science, Volume 361, Issue 6398, id. eaat1378 (2018)
  2018-104 Fermi-LAT Observations of LIGO/Virgo Event GW170817
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including Johannesson, G.
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 861, Issue 2, article id. 85, 10 pp. (2018)
  2018-103 Search for Gamma-Ray Emission from Local Primordial Black Holes with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including Johannesson, G.
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 857, Issue 1, article id. 49, 11 pp. (2018)
  2018-102 Einstein@Home discovers a radio-quiet gamma-ray millisecond pulsar
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including Johannesson, G.
Science Advances, vol. 4, issue 2, p. eaao7228
  2018-101 HelMod in the Works: From Direct Observations to the Local Interstellar Spectrum of Cosmic-Ray Electrons
Boschini, M. J.; Della Torre, S.; Gervasi, M.; Grandi, D.; Jóhannesson, G.; La Vacca, G.; Masi, N.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Pensotti, S.; Porter, T. A.; Quadrani, L.; Rancoita, P. G.; Rozza, D.; Tacconi, M.
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 854, Issue 2, article id. 94, 10 pp. (2018)
  2018-100 Magnetism in the Early Universe
Kahniashvili, T., Brandenburg, A., Kosowsky, A., Mandal, S., & Roper Pol, A.
in Astronomy in Focus, Vol. 1, ed. P. Benvenuti, ed., Proc. IAU Symp., in press
  2018-099 The spectrum of teleparallel gravity
Tomi Koivisto, Georgios Tsimperis
  2018-097 Clustering and dynamic decoupling of dust grains in turbulent molecular clouds
Lars Mattsson, Akshay Bhatnagar, Fred A. Gent, Beatriz Villarroel
  2018-096 Separated variables and wave functions for rational gl(N) spin chains in the companion twist frame
Paul Ryan and Dmytro Volin
  2018-095 Neutrino mass from bremsstrahlung endpoint in coherent scattering on nuclei
Alexander Millar, Georg Raffelt, Leo Stodolsky, Edoardo Vitagliano
  2018-094 Dust cleansing of star-forming gas: II. Did late accretion flows change the chemical composition of the solar atmosphere?
Bengt Gustafsson
accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
  2018-093 High-precision stellar abundances of the elements - methods and applications
Poul Erik Nissen, Bengt Gustafsson
invited review to be published in A&ARv
  2018-092 Fluctuations and growth histories of cloud droplets: superparticle simulations of the collision-coalescence process
Li, X.-Y., Mehlig, B., Svensson, G., Brandenburg, A., & Haugen, N. E. L.
Quart. J. Met. Roy. Soc.
  2018-090 Open Spin Chains from Determinant Like Operators in ABJM Theory
Hui-Huang Chen, Hao Ouyang, Jun-Bao Wu
  2018-089 Interplay of spectral components in timing properties of accreting compact objects
A. Veledina
MNRAS accepted
  2018-088 Relative velocities in bi-disperse turbulent aerosols: simulations and theory
Akshay Bhatnagar, K. Gustavsson, B. Mehlig, and Dhrubaditya Mitra
  2018-087 Decay and Detection of a Light Scalar Boson Mixing with the Higgs
Martin Wolfgang Winkler
  2018-086 Kazantsev dynamo in turbulent compressible flows
Marco Martins Afonso, Dhrubaditya Mitra, and Dario Vincenzi
  2018-085 Evolving optical polarization of the black hole X-ray binary MAXI J1820+070
A. Veledina, A. V. Berdyugin, I. A. Kosenkov, J. J. E. Kajava, S. S. Tsygankov, V. Piirola, S. V. Berdyugina, T. Sakanoi, M. Kagitani, V. Kravtsov and J. Poutanen
A&A submitted
  2018-084 f-mode strengthening from a localized bipolar subsurface magnetic field
Nishant K. Singh, Harsha Raichur, Maarit J. Käpylä, Matthias Rheinhardt, Axel Brandenburg, Petri J. Käpylä
Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn., submitted
  2018-083 Stochastic activation in a genetic switch model
John Hertz, Joanna Tyrcha and Alvaro Correales
  2018-079 Influence of chemical kinetics on detonation initiating by temperature gradients in methane/air
Cheng Wang, Chengeng Qian, JianNan Liu, Mikhail A. Liberman
Combustion and Flame 197 (2018) 400–415
  2018-078 Metastable bound states of the two-dimensional bi-magnetoexcitons in the lowest Landau levels approximation
S.A. Moskalenko, P.I. Khadzhi, I.V. Podlesny, E.V. Dumanov, I.A. Zubac, M.A. Liberman
  2018-077 Metastable bound states of the of the interacting 2D magnetoexcitons
S.A. Moskalenko, P.I. Khadzhi, I.V. Podlesny, E.V. Dumanov, I.A. Zubac, M.A. Liberman
  2018-076 Chiral fermion asymmetry in high-energy plasma simulations
Jennifer Schober, Axel Brandenburg, Igor Rogachevskii
Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn., submitted
  2018-075 The Zoo Plot Meets the Swampland: Mutual (In)Consistency of Single-Field Inflation, String Conjectures, and Cosmological Data
William H. Kinney, Sunny Vagnozzi, Luca Visinelli
  2018-074 Slow relaxation and diffusion in holographic quantum critical phases
Richard A. Davison, Simon Gentle and Blaise Goutéraux
  2018-073 Cosmological perturbations in modified teleparallel gravity models
Alexey Golovnev, Tomi Koivisto
  2018-072 $p$-Branes with $AdS_{p+1}$ vacuum as models of $R^2$ gravity
A.A. Zheltukhin
  2018-071 Quantum nondemolition measurement of mechanical motion quanta
L. Dellantonio, O. Kyriienko, F. Marquardt, and A. S. Sørensen
Nature Communications, in press
  2018-070 Solving NP-hard problems with bistable polaritonic networks
O. Kyriienko, H. Sigurdsson, and T. C. H. Liew
Submitted to Optica
  2018-069 Realization of Hofstadter's butterfly and a one-way edge mode in a polaritonic system
R. Banerjee, T. C. H. Liew, and O. Kyriienko
Phys. Rev. B 98, 075412 (2018)
  2018-068 Multiloop Soft Theorems for Gravitons and Dilatons in the Bosonic String
Paolo Di Vecchia, Raffaele Marotta, Matin Mojaza
  2018-067 Two Higgs Doublets and a Complex Singlet: Disentangling the Decay Topologies and Associated Phenomenology
Sebastian Baum, Nausheen R. Shah
  2018-066 Condensational and collisional growth of cloud droplets in a turbulent environment
Xiang-yu Li, Axel Brandenburg, Gunilla Svensson, Nils Haugen, Bernhard Mehlig, Igor Rogachevskii
J. Atmosph. Sci., submitted (2018)
  2018-065 $E$ and $B$ polarizations from inhomogeneous and solar surface turbulence
Brandenburg, A., Bracco, A., Kahniashvili, T., Mandal, S., Roper Pol, A., Petrie, G. J. D., Singh, N. K.
Astrophys. J., submitted (2018)
  2018-064 Is there a left-handed magnetic field in the solar neighborhood? Exploring helical magnetic fields in the interstellar medium through dust polarization power spectra
Bracco, A., Candelaresi, S., Del Sordo, F., & Brandenburg, A.
Astron. Astrophys., submitted (2018)
  2018-063 Axion Miniclusters in Modified Cosmological Histories
Luca Visinelli
  2018-062 Planck 2018 results. XII. Galactic astrophysics using polarized dust emission
Planck Collaboration: N. Aghanim, Y. Akrami, M. I. R. Alves, M. Ashdown, J. Aumont, C. Baccigalupi, M. Ballardini, A. J. Banday, R. B. Barreiro, N. Bartolo, S. Basak, K. Benabed, J.-P. Bernard, M. Bersanelli, P. Bielewicz, J. J. Bock, J. R. Bond, J. Borrill, F. R. Bouchet, F. Boulanger, A. Bracco, M. Bucher, C. Burigana, E. Calabrese, J.-F. Cardoso, J. Carron, R.-R. Chary, H. C. Chiang, L. P. L. Colombo, C. Combet, B. P. Crill, F. Cuttaia, P. de Bernardis, G. de Zotti, J. Delabrouille, J.-M. Delouis, E. Di Valentino, C. Dickinson, J. M. Diego, O. Doré, M. Douspis, A. Ducout, X. Dupac, G. Efstathiou, F. Elsner, T. A. Enßlin, H. K. Eriksen, Y. Fantaye, R. Fernandez-Cobos, K. Ferrière, F. Forastieri, M. Frailis, A. A. Fraisse, E. Franceschi, A. Frolov, S. Galeotta, S. Galli, K. Ganga, et al. (101 additional authors not shown)
Astron. Astrophys., submitted (2018)
  2018-061 Sensitivity to luminosity, centrifugal force, and boundary conditions in spherical shell convection
P. J. Kapyla, F. A. Gent, N. Olspert, M. J. Kapyla, and A. Brandenburg
Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn., submitted
  2018-060 Irreversibility in active matter systems: Fluctuation theorem and mutual information
Lennart Dabelow, Stefano Bo, Ralf Eichhorn
  2018-059 Stochastic sequestration dynamics: a minimal model with extrinsic noise for bimodal distributions and competitors correlation
Marco Del Giudice, Carla Bosia, Silvia Grigolon, Stefano Bo
Scientific reports 8 (1), 10387
  2018-058 General purpose ray-tracing and polarized radiative transfer in General Relativity
Pauli Pihajoki, Matias Mannerkoski, Joonas Nättilä, Peter H. Johansson
  2018-057 Low-energy electrons in GRB afterglow models
Guðlaugur Jóhannesson, Gunnlaugur Björnsson
Astrophys. J. Lett., 859 (2018) L11
  2018-056 HelMod in the works: from direct observations to the local interstellar spectrum of cosmic-ray electrons
M. J. Boschini, S. Della Torre, M. Gervasi, D. Grandi, G. Johannesson, G. La Vacca, N. Masi, I. V. Moskalenko, S. Pensotti, T. A. Porter, L. Quadrani, P. G. Rancoita, D. Rozza, M. Tacconi
The Astrophysical Journal 854 (2018) 94
  2018-055 NIKA 150 GHz polarization observations of the Crab nebula and its spectral energy distribution
A. Ritacco, J. F. Macías Pérez, N. Ponthieu, R. Adam, P. Ade, P. André, J. Aumont, A. Beelen, A. Benoît, A. Bideaud, N. Billot, O. Bourrion, A. Bracco, M. Calvo, A. Catalano, G. Coiffard, B. Comis, A. D'Addabbo, M. De Petris, F. X. Désert, S. Doyle, J. Goupy, C. Kramer, G. Lagache, S. Leclercq, J. F. Lestrade, P. Mauskopf, F. Mayet, A. Maury, A. Monfardini, F. Pajot, E. Pascale, L. Perotto, G. Pisano, M. Rebolo Iglesias, V. Revéret, L. Rodriguez, C. Romero, H. Roussel, F. Ruppin, K. Schuster, A. Sievers, G. Siringo, C. Thum, S. Triqueneaux, C. Tucker, H. Wiesemeyer, R. Zylka
  2018-054 The timestep constraint in solving the gravitational wave equations sourced by hydromagnetic turbulence
A. Roper Pol, A. Brandenburg, T. Kahniashvili, A. Kosowsky, S. Mandal
  2018-053 Bias due to neutrinos must not uncorrect'd go
Sunny Vagnozzi, Thejs Brinckmann, Maria Archidiacono, Katherine Freese, Martina Gerbino, Julien Lesgourgues, Tim Sprenger
  2018-052 The Subleading Eikonal in Supergravity Theories
Arnau Coemans Collado, Paolo Di Vecchia, Rodolfo Russo and Steven Thomas
  2018-051 A cosmological window onto the string axiverse and the supersymmetry breaking scale
Luca Visinelli and Sunny Vagnozzi
  2018-050 A Kinetic Theory of Axions in Magnetized Plasmas: the Axionon
Luca Visinelli, Hugo Terças
  2018-049 Cloud droplets growth due to supersaturation fluctuations in stratiform clouds
Xiang-Yu Li, Gunilla Svensson, Axel Brandenburg, and Nils E. L. Haugen
Atmosph. Chem. Phys., submitted
  2018-048 Spacetime and dark matter from spontaneous breaking of Lorentz symmetry
Tom Zlosnik, Federico Urban, Luca Marzola, Tomi Koivisto
  2018-047 Coupling matter in modified Q-gravity
T. Harko, T. Koivisto, F. Lobo, G. Olmo, D. Rubiera-Garcia
  2018-046 Bayesian parameter constraints for neutron star masses and radii using X-ray timing observations of accretion-powered millisecond pulsars
T. Salmi, J. Nättilä, J. Poutanen
A&A, submitted
  2018-045 On the magnetic field of the first Galactic ultraluminous X-ray pulsar Swift J0243.6+6124
Sergey S. Tsygankov, Victor Doroshenko, Alexander A. Mushtukov, Alexander A. Lutovinov, Juri Poutanen
MNRAS, in press
  2018-044 Ultraluminous X-ray sources as neutrino pulsars
Alexander A. Mushtukov, Sergey S. Tsygankov, Valery F. Suleimanov, Juri Poutanen
MNRAS, 476, 2867-2873 (2018)
  2018-043 Searching for Dark Matter with Paleo-Detectors
Sebastian Baum, Andrzej K. Drukier, Katherine Freese, Maciej Górski, Patrick Stengel
  2018-042 Unraveling conformal gravity amplitudes
Henrik Johansson, Gustav Mogull, Fei Teng
  2018-041 Non-abelian T-duality and Yang-Baxter deformations of Green-Schwarz strings
Riccardo Borsato and Linus Wulff
  2018-040 Dust cleansing of star-forming gas I: Did radiation from bright stars affect the chemical composition of the Sun and of M67?
Bengt Gustafsson
Astron. Astrophys., 616, A91 (2018)
  2018-039 Low-energy electrons in GRB afterglow models
Guðlaugur Jóhannesson Gunnlaugur Björnsson
Accepted for publication in ApJL
  2018-038 Varying the forcing scale in low Prandtl number dynamos
A. Brandenburg, N. E. L. Haugen, Xiang-Yu Li, K. Subramanian
Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 479, 2827-2833 (2018)
  2018-037 Superhump period of the black hole X-ray binary GX 339-4
I. Kosenkov & A. Veledina
MNRAS accepted
  2018-036 Deciphering the local Interstellar spectra of primary cosmic ray species with HelMod
Boschini, M. J.; Della Torre, S.; Gervasi, M.; Grandi, D.; Johannesson, G.; La Vacca, G.; Masi, N.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Pensotti, S.; Porter, T. A.; Quadrani, L.; Rancoita, P. G.; Rozza, D.; Tacconi, M
  2018-035 Solar Kinetic Energy and Cross Helicity Spectra
Zhang, H., & Brandenburg, A.
Astrophys. J. Lett. 862, L17 (2018)
  2018-034 One-point functions in β-deformed N = 4 SYM with defect
Erik Widén
  2018-033 Precision matching of circular Wilson loops and strings in AdS5xS5
Daniel Medina-Rincon, Arkady Tseytlin and Konstantin Zarembo
  2018-032 Ultraviolet Properties of N = 8 Supergravity at Five Loops
Zvi Bern, John Joseph Carrasco, Wei-Ming Chen, Alex Edison, Henrik Johansson, Julio Parra-Martinez, Radu Roiban, Mao Zeng
  2018-031 Bihelical spectrum of solar magnetic helicity and its evolution
Nishant K. Singh, Maarit J. Käpylä, Axel Brandenburg, Petri J. Käpylä, Andreas Lagg, Ilpo Virtanen
Astrophys. J., submitted (2018)
  2018-030 General method for atomistic spin-lattice dynamics with first principles accuracy
J. Hellsvik, D. Thonig, K. Modin, D. Iusan, A. Bergman, O. Eriksson, L. Bergqvist, and A. Delin
  2018-029 Magnetic helicity from multipolar regions on the solar surface
Bourdin, Ph.-A. & Brandenburg, A.
Astrophys. J. Lett., submitted (2018)
  2018-028 Magnetic helicity reversal in the corona at small plasma beta
Bourdin, P.-A., Singh, N. K., Brandenburg, A.
Astrophys. J., submitted (2018)
  2018-027 Closed Strings and Moduli in AdS3/CFT2
Olof Ohlsson Sax, Bogdan Stefanski
  2018-026 Dark Matter implications of DAMA/LIBRA-phase2 results
Sebastian Baum, Katherine Freese, Chris Kelso
  2018-025 Electromagnetic control of heat transport within a rectangular channel filled with flowing liquid metal
M. Modestov, E. Kolemen, A.E.Fisher, M.G. Hvasta
Nuclear Fusion 58, 016009 (2018)
  2018-024 Statistical Properties of Scale-Invariant Helical Magnetic Fields and Applications to Cosmology
Axel Brandenburg, Ruth Durrer, Tina Kahniashvili, Sayan Mandal, Weichen Winston Yin
JCAP (submitted)
  2018-023 Teleparallel Palatini theories
Jose Beltran Jimenez, Lavinia Heisenberg, Tomi Koivisto
  2018-022 Effects of a subadiabatic layer on convection and dynamos in spherical wedge simulations
Käpylä, P. J., Viviani, M., Käpyläi, M. J., & Brandenburg, A.
Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn., submitted
  2018-021 Magnetic Prandtl number dependence of turbulence generated by chiral MHD dynamos
Schober, Brandenburg, Rogachevskii & Kleeorin
Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn., submitted
  2018-020 Heterotic and bosonic string amplitudes via field theory
Thales Azevedo, Marco Chiodaroli, Henrik Johansson and Oliver Schlotterer
  2018-019 A new model for heating of Solar North Polar Coronal Hole
E. Devlen, D. Zengin Çamurdan, M. Yardımcı, E. R. Pekünlü
Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 467, 133-144 (2018)
  2018-018 Magnetic bipoles in rotating turbulence with coronal envelope
I. R. Losada, J. Warnecke, A. Brandenburg, N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii
Astron. Astrophys., submitted (2018)
  2018-017 Incoherent conductivity of holographic charge density waves
Blaise Goutéraux,Niko Jokela and Arttu Pönni
  2018-016 Evidence for hot clumpy accretion flow in the transitional millisecond pulsar PSR J1023+0038
T. Shahbaz, Y. Dallilar, A. Garner, S. Eikenberry, A. Veledina, P. Gandhi
MNRAS accepted
  2018-015 On the statistics of the polarized submillimetre emission maps from thermal dust in the turbulent, magnetized, diffuse ISM
F. Levrier, J. Neveu, E. Falgarone, F. Boulanger, A. Bracco, T. Ghosh, F. Vansyngel
Accepted by A&A
  2018-014 The Three-Dimensional Spatial Distribution of Interstellar Gas in the Milky Way: Implications for Cosmic Rays and High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emissions
Gudlaugur Johannesson, Troy A. Porter, and Igor V. Moskalenko
Astrophysical Journal
  2018-013 Dusty galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization: simulations
C. Behrens, A. Pallottini, A. Ferrara, S. Gallerani, L. Vallini
accepted for publication in MNRAS
  2018-012 ALMA view of a massive spheroid progenitor: a compact rotating core of molecular gas in an AGN host at z=2.226
M.Talia, F.Pozzi, L.Vallini, A.Cimatti, P.Cassata, F.Fraternali, M.Brusa, E.Daddi, I.Delvecchio, E.Ibar, E.Liuzzo, C.Vignali, M.Massardi, G.Zamorani, C.Gruppioni, A.Renzini, M.Mignoli, L.Pozzetti, G.Rodighiero
accepted for publication in MNRAS
  2018-011 Small-scale dynamos in simulations of stratified turbulent convection
Käpylä, P. J., Käpylä, M. J., & Brandenburg, A.
Astron. Nachr., 339, 127-133 (2018)
  2018-010 Superfluid liquid crystals: pasta phases in neutron star crusts
D. N. Kobyakov and C. J. Pethick
  2018-009 Strong nonlocality variations in a spherical mean-field dynamo
Brandenburg, A., & Chatterjee, P.
Astron. Nachr. 339, 118-126 (2018)
  2018-008 Loop currents from nonunitary chiral superconductivity on the honeycomb lattice
P. M. R. Brydon, D. S. L. Abergel, D. F. Agterberg, V. M. Yakovenko
  2018-007 Studies of Confined Brownian Motion using the Finite Difference Method
Liam Sebestyén
Master's thesis (Dept. of Physics, Stockholm University, and Nordita)
  2018-006 On an integrable geometrical foundation of gravity
Tomi Koivisto
proceedings submitted to IJGMMP
  2018-005 Mean-field theory of differential rotation in density stratified turbulent convection
I. Rogachevskii, N. Kleeorin
J. Plasma Phys. (submitted)
  2018-004 Constraints on the sum of the neutrino masses in dynamical dark energy models with w(z)≥−1 are tighter than those obtained in ΛCDM
S. Vagnozzi, S. Dhawan, M. Gerbino, K. Freese, A. Goobar, O. Mena
  2018-003 Planck intermediate results. LIV. Polarized dust foregrounds
Planck Collaboration: Y. Akrami, M. Ashdown, J. Aumont, C. Baccigalupi, M. Ballardini, A. J. Banday, R. B. Barreiro, N. Bartolo, S. Basak, K. Benabed, J.-P. Bernard, M. Bersanelli, P. Bielewicz, J. R. Bond, J. Borrill, F. R. Bouchet, F. Boulanger, A. Bracco, M. Bucher, C. Burigana, E. Calabrese, J.-F. Cardoso, J. Carron, H. C. Chiang, C. Combet, B. P. Crill, P. de Bernardis, G. de Zotti, J. Delabrouille, J.-M. Delouis, E. Di Valentino, C. Dickinson, J. M. Diego, A. Ducout, X. Dupac, F. Elsner, T. A. Enßlin, E. Falgarone, Y. Fantaye, K. Ferrière, F. Finelli, F. Forastieri, M. Frailis, A. A. Fraisse, E. Franceschi, A. Frolov, S. Galeotta, S. Galli, K. Ganga, R. T. Génova-Santos, T. Ghosh, J. González-Nuevo, K. M. Górski, A. Gruppuso, J. E. Gudmundsson, V. Guillet, W. Handley, et al. (74 additional authors not shown)
Astron. Astrophys., submitted (2018)
  2018-002 Advances in mean-field dynamo theory and applications to astrophysical turbulence
Brandenburg, A.
J. Plasma Phys. (submitted)
  2018-001 Generation of large-scale vorticity in rotating stratified turbulence with inhomogeneous helicity: mean-field theory
I. Rogachevskii, N. Kleeorin
J. Plasma Phys. (submitted)

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