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All preprints - 2021

Title and author(s)Published in
  2021-076 Black Holes in Suspense: Perturbative Quantum Consistency near Horizon Formation
Stefan Hofmann, Maximilian Koegler, Florian Niedermann
  2021-075 On the shear-current effect: toward understanding why theories and simulations have mutually and separately conflicted
Hongzhe Zhou, Eric G. Blackman
  2021-074 Turbulent transport of radiation in the solar convective zone
I. Rogachevskii, N. Kleeorin
Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., submitted (2021)
  2021-073 Early Stages of Flame Propagation in Tubes with No-slip Walls and the Mechanism of Tulip Flame Formation
Chengeng Qian, Cheng Wang, Michael A. Liberman
Combustion and Flame (submitted)
  2021-072 Gas and dust from extremely metal-poor AGB stars
P. Ventura, F. Dell'Agli, D. Romano, S. Tosi, M. Limongi, A. Chieffi, M. Castellani, M. Tailo, M. Lugaro, E. Marini, A. Yague Lopez
Astronomy & Astrophysics
  2021-071 New Projections for Dark Matter Searches with Paleo-Detectors
Sebastian Baum, Thomas D.P. Edwards, Katherine Freese, Patrick Stengel
Instruments 2021, 5(2), 21
  2021-069 Efficiently Fuelling a Quantum Engine with Incompatible Measurements
Sreenath K. Manikandan, Cyril Elouard, Kater W. Murch, Alexia Auffèves, and Andrew N. Jordan
  2021-067 Dynamo instabilities in plasmas with inhomogeneous chiral chemical potential
J. Schober, I. Rogachevskii, A. Brandenburg
Phys. Rev. D, submitted (2021)
  2021-066 Production of a chiral magnetic anomaly with emerging turbulence and mean-field dynamo action
J. Schober, I. Rogachevskii, A. Brandenburg
Phys. Rev. Lett., submitted (2021)
  2021-065 One-loop matrix elements of effective superstring interactions: alpha'-expanding loop integrands
Alexander Edison, Max Guillen, Henrik Johansson, Oliver Schlotterer and Fei Teng
  2021-064 Axion-photon conversion in strongly magnetised plasmas
Alexander J. Millar, Sebastian Baum, Matthew Lawson, David M.C. Marsh
  2021-063 Simulations of helical inflationary magnetogenesis and gravitational waves
Axel Brandenburg, Yutong He, & Ramkishor Sharma
Astrophys. J., submitted (2021)
  2021-062 Polarization of gravitational waves from helical MHD turbulent sources
Alberto Roper Pol, Sayan Mandal, Axel Brandenburg, Tina Kahniashvili
  2021-061 Torsional String Newton-Cartan Geometry for Non-Relativistic Strings
Leo Bidussi, Troels Harmark, Jelle Hartong, Niels A. Obers, Gerben Oling
  2021-060 Torsional Deformation of Nonrelativistic String Theory
Ziqi Yan
JHEP 09 (2021) 035
  2021-059 Exploring nine simultaneously occurring transients on April 12th 1950
Beatriz Villarroel, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Stefan Geier, Alina Streblyanska, Enrique Solano Marquez, Vitaly N. Andruk, Matthew E. Shultz, Alok C. Gupta, Lars Mattsson
Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 12794 (2021)
  2021-057 Kalb-Ramond backgrounds in $\alpha'$-complete cosmology
Heliudson Bernardo, Paul R. Chouha, Guilherme Franzmann
  2021-056 Cosmology at the top of the $\alpha'$ tower
Jerome Quintin, Heliudson Bernardo, Guilherme Franzmann
  2021-055 Non-Abelian braiding of phonons in layered silicates
Bo Peng, Adrien Bouhon, Bartomeu Monserrat, Robert-Jan Slager
  2021-054 Observation of non-Abelian topological semimetals and their phase transitions
Bin Jiang, Adrien Bouhon, Zhi-Kang Lin, Xiaoxi Zhou, Bo Hou, Feng Li, Robert-Jan Slager, Jian-Hua Jiang
  2021-053 Subdimensional topologies, indicators and higher-order phases
Gunnar. F. Lange, Adrien Bouhon, Robert-Jan Slager
Phys. Rev. B 103, 195145 (2021)
  2021-052 Topological correspondence between magnetic space group representations
Adrien Bouhon, Gunnar F. Lange, Robert-Jan Slager
Phys. Rev. B 103, 245127 (2021)
  2021-051 PAI-graphene: a new topological semimetallic two-dimensional carbon allotrope with highly tunable anisotropic Dirac cones
Xin Chen, Adrien Bouhon, Linyang Li, François M. Peeters, Biplab Sanyal
Carbon 170 (2020) 477-486
  2021-050 Topological Euler class as a dynamical observable in optical lattices
F. Nur Ünal, Adrien Bouhon, Robert-Jan Slager
Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 053601 (2020)
  2021-049 Geometric approach to fragile topology beyond symmetry indicators
Adrien Bouhon, Tomáš Bzdušek, Robert-Jan Slager
Phys. Rev. B 102, 115135 (2020)
  2021-048 Non-Abelian reciprocal braiding of Weyl points and its manifestation in ZrTe
Adrien Bouhon, QuanSheng Wu, Robert-Jan Slager, Hongming Weng, Oleg V. Yazyev, Tomáš Bzdušek
Nature Physics 16, 1137--1143 (2020)
  2021-047 Fractional corner charges in spin-orbit coupled crystals
Frank Schindler, Marta Brzezińska, Wladimir A. Benalcazar, Mikel Iraola, Adrien Bouhon, Stepan S. Tsirkin, Maia G. Vergniory, Titus Neupert
Phys. Rev. Research 1, 033074 (2019)
  2021-046 Spin Hall effect in 2D metallic delafossite PtCoO$_2$ and vicinity topology
Sota Kitamura, Hidetomo Usui, Robert-Jan Slager, Adrien Bouhon, Veronika Sunko, Helge Rosner, Philip D. C. King, Joseph Orenstein, Roderich Moessner, Andrew P. Mackenzie, Kazuhiko Kuroki, Takashi Oka
  2021-045 Self-generated oxygen gradients control collective aggregation of photosynthetic microbes
Alexandros A. Fragkopoulos, J\' er\' emy Vachier, Johannes Frey, Flora-Maud Le Menn, Marco G. Mazza, Michael Wilczek, David Zwicker, and Oliver B\" aumchen
  2021-044 Investigating the use of field solvers for simulating classical systems
Andrew Eberhardt, Arka Banerjee, Michael Kopp, Tom Abel
Phys. Rev. D 101, 043011 (2020)
  2021-043 Nonclassicality of axion-like dark matter through gravitational self-interactions
Michael Kopp, Vasileios Fragkos, Igor Pikovski
  2021-042 Duality Relations for Overlaps of Integrable Boundary States in AdS/dCFT
C. Kristjansen, D. Müller, K. Zarembo
  2021-041 Simulating relic gravitational waves from inflationary magnetogenesis
Axel Brandenburg, Ramkishor Sharma
Astrophys. J., submitted (2021)
  2021-040 Compressible test-field method and its application to shear dynamos
Käpylä, M. J., Rheinhardt, M., & Brandenburg, A.
Astrophys. J., submitted (2021)
  2021-039 Prandtl number dependence of compressible convection: Flow statistics and convective energy transport
Petri J. Käpylä
Astron. Astrophys., submitted
  2021-038 Infrared Divergences and the Eikonal
Carlo Heissenberg
  2021-037 Strings in Bimetric Spacetimes
Ziqi Yan
  2021-036 Dark photon limits: a cookbook
Andrea Caputo, Ciaran A. J. O'Hare, Alexander J. Millar, Edoardo Vitagliano
  2021-035 Identification of point sources in gamma rays using U-shaped convolutional neural networks and a data challenge
Sascha Caron, Klaas Dijkstra, Christopher Eckner, Luc Hendriks, Guðlaugur Jóhannesson, Boris Panes, Roberto Ruiz de Austri, and Gabrijela Zaharijas
  2021-034 Signatures of Recent Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in the High-Latitude $\gamma$-Ray Sky
Guðlaugur Jóhannesson and Troy A. Porter
  2021-033 Spectral characterisation of inertial particle clustering in turbulence
N. E. L. Haugen, A. Brandenburg, C. Sandin, L. Mattsson
  2021-032 WKB periods for higher order ODE and TBA equations
Katsushi Ito, Takayasu Kondo, Kohei Kuroda and Hongfei Shu
  2021-031 Next-to-MHV Yang-Mills kinematic algebra
Gang Chen, Henrik Johansson, Fei Teng and Tianheng Wang
  2021-030 Scattering Massive String Resonances through Field-Theory Methods
Max Guillen, Henrik Johansson, Renann Lipinski Jusinskas and Oliver Schlotterer
  2021-029 Spectrum of turbulence-sourced gravitational waves as a constraint on graviton mass
Yutong He, Axel Brandenburg, Aditya Sinha
JCAP, submitted
  2021-028 The eikonal approach to gravitational scattering and radiation at ${\cal{O}} (G^3)$
P. Di Vecchia, C. Heissenberg, R. Russo and G. Veneziano
  2021-027 Inferring magnetic helicity spectrum in spherical domains: the method and example applications
A. P. Prabhu, N. K. Singh, M. J. Käpylä, A. Lagg
  2021-026 Investigating global convective dynamos with mean-field models: full spectrum of turbulent effects required
Jörn Warnecke, Matthias Rheinhardt, Mariangela Viviani, Frederick Gent, Simo Tuomisto, Maarit J. Käpylä
ApJ Letters
  2021-025 Modeling the interplay between epidemics and regional socio-economics
Jan E. Snellman, Rafael A. Barrio, Kimmo K. Kaski, Maarit J. Käpylä
Scientific Reports utilizing In Review service of Research Square, submitted
  2021-024 Energy and flux budget closure theory for passive scalar in stably stratified turbulence
N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii, S. Zilitinkevich
  2021-023 Protected states in AdS3 backgrounds from integrability
Suvajit Majumder, Olof Ohlsson Sax, Bogdan Stefanski, Alessandro Torrielli
  2021-022 KLT Factorization of Winding String Amplitudes
Jaume Gomis, Ziqi Yan, Matthew Yu
JHEP 06 (2021) 057
  2021-021 Thermophoresis and its effect on particle impaction on a cylinder for low and moderate Reynolds numbers
Nils Erland L. Haugen, Jonas Krüger, Jørgen R. Aarnes, Ewa Karchniwy, Adam Klimanek
  2021-020 Chain Early Dark Energy: Solving the Hubble Tension and Explaining Today’s Dark Energy
Katherine Freese and Martin Wolfgang Winkler
  2021-019 The scalar, vector, and tensor modes in gravitational wave turbulence simulations
Axel Brandenburg, Grigol Gogoberidze, Tina Kahniashvili, Sayan Mandal, Alberto Roper Pol, Nakul Shenoy
Class. Quantum Grav. 38, 145002 (2021)
  2021-018 Quantitative analysis of non-equilibrium systems from short-time experimental data
Sreekanth K Manikandan, Subhrokoli Ghosh, Avijit Kundu, Biswajit Das, Vipin Agrawal, Dhrubaditya Mitra, Ayan Banerjee, Supriya Krishnamurthy
  2021-017 Origin of eclipsing time variations: contributions of different modes of the dynamo-generated magnetic field
Felipe H. Navarrete, Petri J. Käpylä, Dominik R.G. Schleicher, Carolina A. Ortiz, Robi Banerjee
Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., submitted (2021)
  2021-016 Can we observe the QCD phase transition-generated gravitational waves through pulsar timing arrays?
A. Brandenburg, E. Clarke, Y. He, T. Kahniashvili
Phys. Rev. D, submitted (2021)
  2021-015 Faster Uphill relaxation of a Two-level Quantum system
Sreekanth K Manikandan
  2021-014 String integrability of the D3-D5 dCFT and dynamical reflection matrices
G. Linardopoulos and K. Zarembo
  2021-013 Compton Black-Hole Scattering for s ≤ 5/2
Marco Chiodaroli, Henrik Johansson and Paolo Pichini
  2021-012 Axion-matter coupling in multiferroics
Henrik S. Røising, Benjo Fraser, Sinéad M. Griffin, Sumanta Bandyopadhyay, Aditi Mahabir, Sang-Wook Cheong, Alexander V. Balatsky
  2021-011 Singlet assisted electroweak phase transition at two-loop
Lauri Niemi, Philipp Schicho and Tuomas V. I. Tenkanen
  2021-010 On the perturbative expansion at high temperature and implications for cosmological phase transitions
Oliver Gould and Tuomas V. I. Tenkanen
  2021-009 Hunting down the cause of solar magnetism
M. Viviani, A. Prabhu, J. Warnecke, L. Duarte, J. Pekkilä, M. Rheinhardt, M. J. Käpylä
Originally published in "High Performance Computing Science and Engineering, Garching/Munich, 2020". Editors: P. Bastina, D. Kranzmüller, H. Brëuchle, M. Brehm. ISBN: 978-3-9816675-4-7
  2021-008 Robust approach to thermal resummation: Standard Model meets a singlet
Philipp Schicho, Tuomas Tenkanen and Juuso Österman.
  2021-007 Jan Schütte-Engel, David J. E. Marsh, Alexander J. Millar, Akihiko Sekine, Francesca Chadha-Day, Sebastian Hoof, Mazhar Ali, Kin-Chung Fong, Edward Hardy, Libor Šmejkal
Axion Quasiparticles for Axion Dark Matter Detection
  2021-006 New Heat Kernel Method in Lifshitz Theories
Kevin T. Grosvenor, Charles Melby-Thompson, Ziqi Yan
JHEP 04 (2021) 178
  2021-005 Relic gravitational waves from the chiral magnetic effect
Axel Brandenburg, Yutong He, Tina Kahniashvili, Matthias Rheinhardt, Jennifer Schober
Astrophys. J. 911, 110 (2021)
  2021-004 Persistent current noise in narrow Josephson junctions
Dushko Kuzmanovski, Rubén Seoane Souto, Alexander V. Balatsky
  2021-003 A comparison of optimisation algorithms for high-dimensional particle and astrophysics applications
The DarkMachines High Dimensional Sampling Group: Csaba Balázs, Melissa van Beekveld, Sascha Caron, Barry M. Dillon, Ben Farmer, Andrew Fowlie, Will Handley, Luc Hendriks, Guðlaugur Jóhannesson, Adam Leinweber, Judita Mamužić, Gregory D. Martinez, Pat Scott, Eduardo C. Garrido-Merchán, Roberto Ruiz de Austri, Zachary Searle, Bob Stienen, Joaquin Vanschoren, Martin White
  2021-002 Scalable communication for high-order stencil computations using CUDA-aware MPI
Johannes Pekkilä, Miikka Väisälä, Maarit J. Käpylä, Matthias Rheinhardt, Oskar Lappi
  2021-001 Radiation Reaction from Soft Theorems
P. Di Vecchia, C.Heissenberg, R. Russo and G. Veneziano

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