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All preprints - 2023

Title and author(s)Published in
  2023-025 Supermassive Dark Star candidates seen by JWST?
Cosmin Ilie, Jillian Paulin, Katherine Freese
  2023-024 Small-scale dynamos: From idealized models to solar and stellar applications
Matthias Rempel, Tanayveer Bhatia, Luis Bellot Rubio, and Maarit J. Korpi-Lagg
To appear in Space Science Reviews
  2023-023 Confronting the neutron star population with inverse cascades
Sarin, N., Brandenburg, A., & Haskell, B.
Astrophys. J. Lett., submitted
  2023-022 Lensing of Vacuum Entanglement near Schwarzschild Black Holes
João G. A. Caribé, Robert H. Jonsson, Marc Casals, Achim Kempf, Eduardo Martín-Martínez
Submitted to PR D
  2023-021 Turbulence with magnetic helicity that is absent on average
Axel Brandenburg, Gustav Larsson
Atmosphere 14, 932 (2023)
  2023-018 't Hooft loops and integrability
C. Kristjansen, K. Zarembo
  2023-017 Supergravity amplitudes, the double copy and ultraviolet behavior
Zvi Bern, John Joseph Carrasco, Marco Chiodaroli, Henrik Johansson, Radu Roiban
  2023-016 Baryonic matter at strong coupling: confining superfluids and deconfined ferromagnets
Antón F. Faedo, Carlos Hoyos, Javier G. Subils
  2023-015 Non-Gaussianity in rapid-turn multi-field inflation
Oksana Iarygina, M.C. David Marsh, Gustavo Salinas
  2023-014 Chiral magnetohydrodynamics with zero total chirality
Axel Brandenburg, Kohei Kamada, Kyohei Mukaida, Kai Schmitz, Jennifer Schober
  2023-013 Deep learning approach for identification of HII regions during reionization in 21-cm observations -- II. foreground contamination
Michele Bianco, Sambit. K. Giri, David Prelogović, Tianyue Chen, Florent G. Mertens, Emma Tolley, Andrei Mesinger, Jean-Paul Kneib
  2023-012 Kerr binary dynamics from minimal coupling and double copy
Francesco Alessio
  2023-011 Turbulent processes and mean-field dynamo
Axel Brandenburg, Detlef Elstner, Youhei Masada, Valery Pipin
Spa. Sci. Rev., submitted (2023)
  2023-010 Inelastic Exponentiation and Classical Gravitational Scattering at One Loop
Alessandro Georgoudis, Carlo Heissenberg, Ingrid Vazquez-Holm
  2023-009 Warm dark matter constraints from the JWST
Pratika Dayal, Sambit K. Giri
  2023-008 Starbursts in low-mass haloes at Cosmic Dawn. I. The critical halo mass for star formation
Olof Nebrin, Sambit K. Giri, Garrelt Mellema
  2023-007 Cross-helicity effect on alpha-type dynamo in non-equilibrium turbulence
Krzysztof A. Mizerski, Nobumitsu Yokoi, Axel Brandenburg
J. Plasma Phys., submitted
  2023-006 Cosmological forecast of the 21-cm power spectrum using the halo model of reionization
Aurel Schneider, Timothée Schaeffer, Sambit K. Giri
  2023-005 On the weak-gravity bound for a shift-symmetric scalar field
Gustavo P. de Brito, Benjamin Knorr, Marc Schiffer
  2023-004 Large is different: non-monotonic behaviour of elastic range scaling in polymeric turbulence at large Reynolds and Deborah numbers
Marco E. Rosti, Prasad Perlekar, Dhrubaditya Mitra
  2023-003 Dark Matter and Gravity Waves from a Dark Big Bang
Katherine Freese, Martin Wolfgang Winkler
  2023-002 Helical dynamo growth at modest versus extreme magnetic Reynolds numbers
Hongzhe Zhou, Eric Blackman
  2023-001 Decay law of magnetic turbulence with helicity balanced by chiral fermions
Axel Brandenburg, Kohei Kamada, Jennifer Schober
Phys. Rev. Res. 5, L022028 (2023)

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