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All preprints - 2019

Title and author(s)Published in
  2019-101 Implications of the search for optical counterparts during the first six months of the Advanced LIGO’s and Advanced Virgo’s third observing run: possible limits on the ejecta mass and binary properties
Michael W. Coughlin, Tim Dietrich, Sarah Antier, Mattia Bulla, Francois Foucart, Kenta Hotokezaka, Geert Raaijmakers, Tanja Hinderer and Samaya Nissanke
  2019-100 GROWTH on S190814bv: Deep Synoptic Limits on the Optical/Near-Infrared Counterpart to a Neutron Star-Black Hole Merger
Igor Andreoni et al., including Mattia Bulla
  2019-099 Fermi and Swift Observations of GRB 190114C: Tracing the Evolution of High-Energy Emission from Prompt to Afterglow
Fermi LAT collaboration, including G. Johannesson
Submitted to ApJ
  2019-098 Deciphering Residual Emissions: Time-Dependent Models for the Non-Thermal Interstellar Radiation from the Milky Way
Troy A. Porter, Gudlaugur Johannesson, and Igor V. Moskalenko
Submitted to ApJ
  2019-097 Brane mechanism of spontaneously generated gravity
Aleksandr Zheltukhin
Proc of International Bogolyubov Conference, Dubna
  2019-096 The nature of mean-field generation in three classes of optimal dynamos
Axel Brandenburg & Long Chen
J. Plasma Phys. (submitted)
  2019-095 Analysis of fast turbulent reconnection with self-consistent determination of turbulence timescale
Fabien Widmer, Jörg Büchner, Nobumitsu Yokoi
  2019-094 Computational search for Dirac and Weyl nodes in f-electron antiperovskites
A Pertsova, RM Geilhufe, M Bremholm, AV Balatsky
Phys. Rev. B
  2019-093 Two-dimensional spectral simulations of neutron star spreading layers
Pavel Abolmasov, Joonas Nättilä, and Juri Poutanen
A&A, submitted
  2019-092 TBA equations for the Schr\"odinger equation with a regular singularity
Katsushi Ito, Hongfei Shu
  2019-091 Magnetic helicity dissipation in an ideal MHD code
Axel Brandenburg & Evan Scannapieco
Astrophys. J., submitted (2019)
  2019-090 Small-scale clustering of nano-dust grains in supersonic turbulence
Lars Mattsson, Johan P. U. Fynbo & Beatriz Villarroel
  2019-089 X-ray dips and a complex UV/X-ray cross-correlation function in the black hole candidate MAXI J1820+070
Kajava, J. J. E.; Motta, S. E.; Sanna, A.; Veledina, A.; Del Santo, M.; Segreto, A.
MNRAS Letters accepted
  2019-088 Pulsating in Unison at Optical and X-Ray Energies: Simultaneous High Time Resolution Observations of the Transitional Millisecond Pulsar PSR J1023+0038
A. Papitto et al., including A. Veledina
  2019-087 A Black Hole X-ray Binary at 100 Hz: Multiwavelength Timing of MAXI J1820+070 with HiPERCAM and NICER
J. A. Paice et al., including A. Veledina
  2019-086 Autoignition and detonation development from a hot spot inside a closed chamber: effects of end wall reflection
Peng Dai, Zheng Chen, Xiaohua Gan, Mikhail A. Liberman
  2019-085 Metastable bound states of the quasi-bimagnetoexcitons in the lowest Landau levels approximation
I.V. Podlesny, I.A. Zubac, Cam Ngoc Hoang, M.A. Liberman
  2019-083 Gravitational waves from first order cosmological phase transitions in the Sound Shell Model
Mark Hindmarsh and Mulham Hijazi
  2019-082 Odd-frequency Berezinskii superconductivity in Dirac semimetals
P. O. Sukhachov, Vladimir Juricic, and A. V. Balatsky
  2019-081 Systematic interpolatory ansatz for one-dimensional polaron systems
E. J. Lindgren, R. E. Barfknecht, N. T. Zinner
  2019-080 Entanglement entropy in inhomogeneous quenches in AdS3/CFT2
Tim De Jonckheere, Jonathan Lindgren
Phys. Rev. D 98, 106006 (2018)
  2019-079 The Duality Between Color and Kinematics and its Applications
Zvi Bern, John Joseph Carrasco, Marco Chiodaroli, Henrik Johansson, Radu Roiban
  2019-078 Spectroscopic and optical response of odd-frequency superconductors
P.O. Sukhachov, A.V. Balatsky
Phys. Rev. B 100, 134516 (2019)
  2019-077 Joule-Thomson Cooling in Graphene
K. Zarembo
  2019-076 A tale of two exponentiations in N=8 supergravity
P. Di Vecchia, A. Luna, S.G. Naculich, R. Russo, G. Veneziano and C.D. White
  2019-075 Functionals in stochastic thermodynamics: how to interpret stochastic integrals
Stefano Bo, Soon Hoe Lim and Ralf Eichhorn
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2019 (8), 084005
  2019-074 Datasets for ``Spectral magnetic helicity of solar active regions between 2006 and 2017
Gosain, S., & Brandenburg, A.
Zenodo, DOI:10.5281/zenodo.3338302
  2019-073 Spin wave excitations of magnetic metalorganic materials
Johan Hellsvik, Roberto Díaz Pérez, R. Matthias Geilhufe, Martin Månsson, and Alexander V. Balatsky
  2019-072 Relating non-relativistic string theories
T. Harmark, J. Hartong, L. Menculini, N.A. Obers, G. Oling
  2019-071 On the multiloop soft theorem of the dilation in the boson string
Paolo Di Vecchia, Raffaele Marotta and Matin Mojaza
  2019-070 Double copy for massive quantum particles with spin
Henrik Johansson and Alexander Ochirov
  2019-069 Super-Eddington accretion discs with advection and outflows around magnetized neutron stars
A. Chashkina, G. Lipunova, P. Abolmasov, J. Poutanen
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 626, A18 (2019)
  2019-068 Properties of the transient X-ray pulsars Swift J1816.7-1613 and its optical companion
A. Nabizadeh, S.S. Tsygankov, D.I. Karasev, J. Mönkkönen, A.A. Lutovinov, D.I. Nagirner, J. Poutanen
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 622, A198 (2019)
  2019-067 Evidence for the radiation-pressure dominated accretion disk in bursting pulsar GRO J1744-28 using timing analysis
J. Mönkkönen, S.S. Tsygankov, A.A. Mushtukov, V. Doroshenko, V.F. Suleimanov, J.Poutanen
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 626, A106 (2019)
  2019-066 Effects of Compton scattering on the neutron star radius constraints in rotation-powered millisecond pulsars
Tuomo Salmi, Valery F. Suleimanov, Juri Poutanen
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 627, A39 (2019)
  2019-065 Generation of a large-scale vorticity in a fast rotating density stratified turbulence or turbulent convection
Igor Rogachevskii, Nathan Kleeorin
  2019-064 On the kinematic algebra for BCJ numerators beyond the MHV sector
Gang Chen, Henrik Johansson, Fei Teng and Tianheng Wang
  2019-063 Round Table on Axions and Axion-like Particles
Paolo Di Vecchia, Maurizio Giannotti, Massimiliano Lattanzi, Axel Lindner
  2019-062 The holographic QCD axion
F. Bigazzi, A. Caddeo, A. Cotrone, P. Di Vecchia and A. Marzolla
  2019-061 Runko: Modern multi-physics toolbox for simulating plasma
J. Nättilä
Runko: Modern multi-physics toolbox for simulating plasma
  2019-060 Paleo-Detectors for Galactic Supernova Neutrinos
Sebastian Baum, Thomas D. P. Edwards, Bradley J. Kavanagh, Patrick Stengel, Andrzej K. Drukier, Katherine Freese, Maciej Górski, Christoph Weniger
  2019-059 Kinetics and clustering of dust particles in supersonic turbulence with self-gravity
Robert Hedvall, Lars Mattsson
  2019-058 A global two-scale helicity proxy from π-ambiguous solar magnetic fields
Axel Brandenburg
Astrophys. J. 883, 119 (2019)
  2019-057 STROBE-X: X-ray Timing and Spectroscopy on Dynamical Timescales from Microseconds to Years
P. Ray et al., including A. Veledina
submitted to NASA for Astro2020 Decadal Survey
  2019-056 Integrable Fishnet from γ-Deformed N = 2 Quivers
Antonio Pittelli and Michelangelo Preti
  2019-055 Pulsar wind-heated accretion disk and the origin of modes in transitional millisecond pulsar PSR J1023+0038
Alexandra Veledina, Joonas Nättilä, and Andrei M. Beloborodov
ApJ submitted
  2019-054 Cosmology in f(Q) geometry
Jose Beltran Jimenez, Lavinia Heisenberg, Tomi Koivisto
  2019-053 Mechanical Chiral Resolution
Vincent Marichez, Alessandra Tassoni, Robert P. Cameron, Stephen M. Barnett, Ralf Eichhorn, Cyriaque Genet, Thomas M. Hermans
Soft Matter, 2019, 15, 4593-4608
  2019-052 Non-relativistic expansion of the Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian
Dennis Hansen, Jelle Hartong, Niels A. Obers
Proceedings of MG15 meeting, session on Applied Newton-Cartan Geometry
  2019-051 Secret objectives: promoting inquiry and tackling preconceptions in teaching laboratories
P. A. Bartlett, K. Dunnett
  2019-050 Measurement of Anomalous Diffusion Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Stefano Bo, Falko Schmidt, Ralf Eichhorn and Giovanni Volpe
Physical Review E, 100, 010102(R)
  2019-049 A First Look on 3D Effects in Open Axion Haloscopes
Stefan Knirck, Jan Schütte-Engel, Alexander J. Millar, Javier Redondo, Olaf Reimann, Andreas Ringwald, Frank D. Steffen
  2019-048 Noether symmetries in Symmetric Teleparallel Cosmology
Konstantinos F. Dialektopoulos, Tomi S. Koivisto, Salvatore Capozziello
  2019-047 The Game of Triangles
Michelangelo Preti
Contribution for proceedings of ACAT 2019 (Saas-Fee, Switzerland, March 10-15 2019)
  2019-046 Exploring helical dynamos with machine learning
F. Nauman and J. Nättilä
  2019-045 The General Linear Cartan Khronon
Tomi Koivisto, Manuel Hohmann, Tom Zlosnik
Contribution to the proceedings of the conference "Teleparallel Universes in Salamanca"
  2019-044 Efficient quasi-kinematic large-scale dynamo as the small-scale dynamo saturates
Pallavi Bhat, Kandaswamy Subramanian, Axel Brandenburg
Phys. Rev. Lett., submitted
  2019-043 The Effectiveness of Relativistic Invariance in AdS3
Andrea Fontanella, Olof Ohlsson Sax, Bogdan Stefański and Alessandro Torrielli
  2019-042 Testing the rotational nature of the supermassive object M87* from the circularity and size of its first image
Cosimo Bambi, Katherine Freese, Sunny Vagnozzi, Luca Visinelli
Phys. Rev. D, 100, 044057 (2019)
  2019-041 Scale-dependent galaxy bias, CMB lensing-galaxy cross-correlation, and neutrino masses
Elena Giusarma, Sunny Vagnozzi, Shirley Ho, Simone Ferraro, Katherine Freese, Rocky Kamen-Rubio, Kam-Biu Luk
Phys. Rev. D 98 (2018) 123526
  2019-040 Uncertainties in Direct Dark Matter Detection in Light of GAIA
Youjia Wu, Katherine Freese, Chris Kelso, Patrick Stengel
  2019-039 Thermal transitions of metastable M-branes
J. Armas, N. Nguyen, V. Niarchos, N.A. Obers
  2019-038 Tunable axion plasma haloscopes
Matthew Lawson, Alexander J.Millar, Matteo Pancaldi, Edoardo Vitagliano, Frank Wilczek
  2019-037 Benchmark Suggestions for Resonant Double Higgs Production at the LHC for Extended Higgs Sectors
Sebastian Baum, Nausheen R. Shah
  2019-036 Exact Results in Supersymmetric Field Theories: A dissertation on the defect and deformed
Erik Widén
PhD Thesis (Uppsala University and Nordita)
  2019-035 Gravity between Newton and Einstein
Dennis Hansen, Jelle Hartong, Niels A. Obers
  2019-034 The Full-Color Two-Loop Four-Gluon Amplitude in N = 2 Super-QCD
Claude Duhr, Henrik Johansson, Gregor Kalin, Gustav Mogull, and Bram Verbeek
  2019-033 Revisiting the 2PM eikonal and the dynamics of binary black holes
Arnau Koemans Collado, Paolo Di Vecchia and Rodolfo Russo
  2019-032 Superconformal blocks. General Theory
  2019-031 Constraining the properties of neutron-star matter with observations
Eemeli Annala, Tyler Gorda, Aleksi Kurkela, Joonas Nättilä, Aleksi Vuorinen
  2019-030 The canonical frame of purified gravity
Jose Beltran Jimenez, Lavinia Heisenberg, Tomi Koivisto
  2019-029 Reversed dynamo at small scales and large magnetic Prandtl number
Axel Brandenburg, Matthias Rempel
Astrophys. J., 879, 57 (2019)
  2019-028 Chiral Estimate of QCD Pseudocritical Line
K. Zarembo
  2019-027 The geometrical trinity of gravity
Jose Beltran Jimenez, Lavinia Heisenberg, Tomi Koivisto
  2019-026 Quark-matter cores in neutron stars
Eemeli Annala, Tyler Gorda, Aleksi Kurkela, Joonas Nättilä, Aleksi Vuorinen
  2019-025 Ambipolar diffusion in large Prandtl number turbulence
Axel Brandenburg
Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 487, 2673-2684 (2019)
  2019-024 Numerical Simulations of Gravitational Waves from Early-Universe Turbulence
Roper Pol, A., Mandal, S., Brandenburg, A., Kahniashvili, T., Kosowsky, A.
Phys. Rev. Lett., submitted
  2019-023 The limited roles of autocatalysis and enantiomeric cross inhibition in achieving homochirality in dilute systems
Axel Brandenburg
Orig. Life Evol. Biosph. (submitted)
  2019-022 Butterfly in a Cocoon, Understanding the origin and morphology of Globular Cluster Streams: The case of GD-1
Khyati Malhan, Rodrigo A. Ibata, Raymond G. Carlberg, Monica Valluri, Katherine Freese
  2019-021 Cosmic-Ray Propagation in Light of Recent Observation of Geminga
G. Johannesson, T. A. Porter, I. V. Moskalenko
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 879, Issue 2, article id. 91, 13 pp. (2019)
  2019-020 Unresolved Gamma-Ray Sky through its Angular Power Spectrum
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including G. Johannesson
Physical Review Letters, Volume 121, Issue 24, id.241101
  2019-019 A gamma-ray determination of the Universe's star formation history
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including G. Johannesson
Science, Volume 362, Issue 6418, pp. 1031-1034 (2018)
  2019-018 MAGIC and Fermi-LAT gamma-ray results on unassociated HAWC sources
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including G. Johannesson, HAWC collaboration, and MAGIC collaboration.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 485, Issue 1, p.356-366
  2019-017 A Search for Cosmic-ray Proton Anisotropy with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Fermi-LAT collaboration, including G. Johannesson
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 883, Issue 1, article id. 33, 12 pp. (2019)
  2019-016 Spectral magnetic helicity of solar active regions between 2006 and 2017
Gosain, S., & Brandenburg, A.
Astrophys. J. 882, 80 (2019)
  2019-015 Holographic four-point functions in Toda field theories in $AdS_2$
Hao Ouyang
  2019-014 Clustering and energy spectra in two-dimensional dusty gas turbulence
Vikash Pandey, Dhrubaditya Mitra, Prasad Perlekar
  2019-013 Convergence properties of detonation simulations
Chengeng Qian, Cheng Wang, JianNan Liu, Axel Brandenburg, Nils E. L. Haugen, Mikhail Liberman
Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn., submitted
  2019-012 The fate of the Konishi multiplet in the β-deformed Quantum Spectral Curve
C. Marboe, E. Widen
  2019-011 Constraints on high-J CO emission lines in z∼6 quasars
S. Carniani, S. Gallerani, L. Vallini, A. Pallottini, M. Tazzari, A. Ferrara, R. Maiolino, C. Cicone, C. Feruglio, R. Neri, V. D'Odorico, R. Wang, J. Li
Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc., submitted (2019)
  2019-010 Quantum inverse iteration algorithm for near-term quantum devices
Oleksandr Kyriienko
  2019-009 Magnetic helicity and fluxes in an inhomogeneous alpha squared dynamo
Axel Brandenburg
Astron. Nachr. 339, 631-640 (2018)
  2019-008 Efficiency fluctuations in microscopic machines
Sreekanth K Manikandan, Lennart Dabelow, Ralf Eichhorn, Supriya Krishnamurthy
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 140601 (2019)
  2019-007 The time step constraint in radiation hydrodynamics
Axel Brandenburg, Upasana Das
  2019-006 Cross-helically forced and decaying hydromagnetic turbulence
Axel Brandenburg, Sean Oughton
Astron. Nachr. 339, 641-646 (2018)
  2019-005 Dust-depletion sequences in damped Ly-α absorbers II. The composition of cosmic dust, from low-metallicity systems to the Galaxy
Lars Mattsson, Annalisa De Cia, Anja C. Andersen, Patrick Petitjean
Astronomy & Astrophysics
  2019-004 iscovery of stars surrounded by iron dust in the LMC
E. Marini, F. Dell'Agli, M. Di Criscienzo, S. Puccetti, D. A. García-Hernández, L. Mattsson, P. Ventura
  2019-003 N=2* Phase Transitions and Holography
Jorge G. Russo, Erik Widen, Konstantin Zarembo
  2019-002 Formation of solar bipolar regions: : Magnetic flux concentrations from suction of the negative effective magnetic pressure instability
Illa R. Losada
PhD thesis (Dept. of Astronomy, Stockholm University, and Nordita)
  2019-001 Two-Loop Integrability of ABJM Open Spin Chain from Giant Graviton
Nan Bai, Hui-Huang Chen, Hao Ouyang, Jun-Bao Wu

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